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Assist Website

UX & Web • 8. 7. 2015

When working at ASSIST, I collaborated hand-in-hand with a full-stack web developer to redesign the ASSIST website. The project was quite a personal success, since it was the first complete website overhaul where I could establish the design direction, as well as create accompanying graphics.

I learned a lot about the web development process, including what developers like to see and work with. Together with Ondřej S., we formed a great team and we both exchanged a lot of know-how, experience and approaches.

I tried to make the website design look timeless, simple and easy to use, with a heavy tilt towards clean graphics and pixel-perfect icons. Considering the website is still in use 6 years later, I’d say we managed to complete the task successfully.

Category: Web & UX

Client: ASSIST

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